06 May 2014

Call for Testers

Version 2.3 is now feature-complete, and we’ve given it a reasonable amount of QA ourselves. But there is a bunch of new content (16 new scenes), and people will play it differently. So we’d like to have a few more outside (beta) testers.

You need to be running iOS 5.1 or later, and be willing to play the game and report things that bug you.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to bugz |at| a-sharp.com. Please include the type of device you have and its device identifier (UDID).

Apple gives us only a limited number of test devices in a calendar year, so we are only looking for a small number of beta testers at the moment.

How to Find Your UDID

You need to use iTunes on a computer. If you are using a version of iOS earlier than 7, you may be able to use an app. 
In brief, connect your device to iTunes, click on the Serial Number so that it shows UDID, then right-click and choose Copy.