21 October 2010

A Note on Schedule

While I still don’t have a very solid idea of release date, I can say that King of Dragon Pass will not be available this year.

I originally thought it might be out late this year, but it was pointed out to me that Apple won’t review App Store submissions after 15 November. There’s no way it will be both done and tested by then. So we’re looking at next year.

The Lore screen gives access to myths in short and long form
As for screens, there are a few lesser things not done in Magic, Lore and Sacrifice. But every screen and dialog exists and works. And most music and sound effects are in.

The game doesn’t yet have an ending (win or lose). Which isn’t likely to be a problem, because there’s no Save yet.

There’s still some redesign needed — for example, sheep aren’t show in the Food screen, so I need to rework specific interactive scenes that deal with sheep. I’m not entirely sure how much is involved here, which is one reason the schedule is uncertain.

But the game continues to progress.


  1. are you going to redesign the buttons and the text fonts to fit the look of the original game more? Looks very Iphonesque now.

  2. I hate to put a disclaimer about not-final art in every post, but the art is not final.

    As for the font, I'm using the original Erasmus font for the header — it was the body font in 1.0, but it looks too thin at small sizes. It has the advantage that we created our own version of it — few fonts are licensed for embedding in apps.

    Text needs to be really readable. The number of fonts that are available on all platforms is relatively small (iPhone and iPad don't have exactly the same set). We think Trebuchet is a reasonable compromise between style (e.g. the playful 'g') and legibility.

    iOS 4.0 has expanded the number of fonts a bit though, so maybe we could take another look. What do you suggest?