22 May 2012

Skills, Expanded

I wrote before about the seven skills a leader is rated in. But we wanted to support OSL code such as

test Deception(expeditionLeader) vs Crankiness d6

In other words, like many roleplaying games, people have all sorts of abilities. But seven was already a fairly large number. So we came up with the idea of composite skills. Deception is the average of Bargaining and Leadership.

Including the composite skills, a leader can be tested in
Deception (Bargaining + Leadership)
Diplomacy (Bargaining + Custom)
Exploring (Bargaining + Combat)
Farming (Animals + Plants)
Hunting (Animals + Combat + Plants, special for Odayla worshippers)
Poetry (Custom + Leadership)
Prophecy (Magic + Leadership)
Strategy (Combat + Leadership) 
Note that not every attempt to compose a poem is automatically use of the Poetry skill — it would depend on the context. But without some obvious reason to do things differently, that’s how we would have coded the scene.


  1. Ah, interesting. Might be a useful trick for a tabletop game I'm fiddling with.

    Hope the move is going well. I just spammed you with bunch of bugs that I've been sitting on for a while. Mea culpa.

  2. I think most of A Sharp is now unpacked in Philadelphia. And, we can always look at bug reports (send them to our bugz@ address).

  3. Why is Exploring = Bargain + Combat? I'd have expected something like Animal + Combat since one of the dangers of exploring is that you might meed wild animals that must be dealt with. The other combination traits seem fairly intuitive...

    1. Might have been partly to have a name for the combo. As well as the fact that one of the dangers of exploration is meeting hostile beings that must be dealt with.

  4. So do these skill combination apply to the PC version as well?

    1. Yes. (Other than new content which we could add to the iOS build, and the removal of some unnecessary detail to worry about, the game is the same. Your leaders are a key element, so they are unchanged.)