15 December 2012

King of Dragon Pass News

Another King of Dragon Pass update is working its way through the App Store servers, and should be available by the time you read this!

iPhone News Background
This version is largely focused on user experience. We revisited a decision made in 1997, and removed the ability to tap a slider’s maximum value. In most situations, this isn’t useful, and it was too easy to miss on the small screen. To make up for it, you can just keep your finger down on the + button (or if you overshoot, the – button).

For VoiceOver users, we’re taking advantage of better iOS 6 support, and focus on a more appropriate element in many cases. And since many of you have asked for it, an advisor’s gender is now mentioned.

Cartographer Colin Driver created a larger version of the Lore map, which is now full screen on iPad, and Retina quality.

As usual in an update, we made a few improvements to advice, fixed bugs and typos, and clarified some text.

Since we’re now taking advantage of iOS 6 features, Apple’s Xcode pretty much forces us to make the minimum operating system we support iOS 4.3. If you’re playing on an older iPod touch or iPhone 3, you should not update (if you’re even given the option).

We also added a new interactive scene.

Which is always fun to do, so we’re currently planning on adding a lot in an update next year. It’s unclear if all of them will turn out to work, but we have solid ideas for over 25 scenes.

Speaking of Colin Driver, he also did many of the maps in the Guide to Glorantha which will come out next year, giving incredible detail not only on Dragon Pass, but the entire mythic world that King of Dragon Pass is set in. There are less than 3 days left, but you can still back this project on Kickstarter and perhaps get more Gloranthan secrets in print!

Finally, GOG.com currently has the Windows version of the game on sale for half price.


  1. The usual post-update reminder: if you like the new version, please rate or review it, since the App Store shows only current ratings.

  2. Thank you very much for the continued suport!

  3. Fantastic game, fantastic world. Thanks David for keeping it up to date.

  4. Can I cry for this awesome game not releasing in Android?

    1. If you do, I'll join you. I have (and love) the old Windows version, but to be able to take it on my Transformer or even my 'phone would be so good...

  5. Somehow the GOG release completely evaded me, but now I've bought a copy for myself and sent one to my friend as an early christmas present. :)

  6. Can someone tell me how to rate an app in this catastrophically awful new App Store?

    1. What platform?

      One way is to go to the Controls screen, tap the Game Center button, choose Show Achievements, and then tap a star.

      In the iOS App Store, search for it, tap "Ratings and Reviews," then tap a star, or the
      "Write A Review" button.

      In iTunes, it's much the same. Tap "Ratings and Reviews" then tap a "Click to Rate" star, or the "Write a Review" button.

  7. I would love to play KoDP on my Galaxy. Is it possible that you publish an android version of it?
    Thank a lot,

  8. Hi, I have a question:
    I failed my initial attempt at creating a tribe, but played on hoping for a second chance. Now its been many years, I completed all heroquests (orlanth tribe blessing included), allied with all but one of my neighbours and maintained the highest rep possible. Yet nothing happens! Let me know if I should keep playing or throw in the towel

    1. Yes.

      There are possible second chances. However, they aren’t as common as we would like. I think if you have continued a reasonable number of years without getting one, it’s more enjoyable to start over.

  9. Hi David,
    Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am now on my 5th playthrough and do love the game. Theres a couple of small alterations i wanted to highlight, for you guys to consider in future releases. Cattle is wealth, god fuel, gift and your de facto population cap (plowing). Horses on the other hand only work as gifts and weaponthane rides. Now goods make better gifts, since a good trade network+issaries temple gives you waaaay more than you need in the end game. So I figured there should be an option to use horses for plowing - the ones allocated to it could be less effective than bulls and no longer useful for raids. At least this way they have some use in the end game, as my warriors don't die that often :)

    Also, I should be able to allocate magic to exploring - as ironic as it may be, I lost more nobles in exploring than heroquests! Its a very dangerous activity, even with the blessings active, yet there are few things to make it safer even in the long game, where heroquests become much easier to perform by comparison (due to trib worshippers, better skilled leaders and huge clan magic reserves). There are treasures to help both activities, but its upto chance as and when you get them, so magic allocation would help a lot (with vinga and odayla worshippers on clan ring awarding extra points).

    Also, after the visit by Mr Milky Eyes, a clan should have the option to kick start tribe creation on its own - make it expensive, maybe require neighbor clans to be your friends/allies, but give us a second chance option. Right now, the game relies on random events a bit too much.

    Lastly, the resurrcetion seems underused. I get that risky events are only fun if you stand to loose something more substancial than a few unnamed weaponthanes. But this does make the game incredibly punishing at times, like loosing your king during city construction >:( Hence, maybe it could be waaay more expensive, eat your magic like a starving hippo, but open to all nobles? Make it rare too, like once in a couple of years thing. This way, I can prepare for a heroquest by having a back up noble and the economic means to try and resurrect the dead one.

    Thank you guys for making one of the best games to grace my laptop in years!


    1. That would assume that the horse collar existed…