16 September 2013

Scene Contest Candidates

We got a bunch of great entries in the Scene Contest, and now it’s time for you to pick your favorite!

As I told Pocket Tactics, it was hard picking just a few for voting.
Let’s play duelist!

“Let’s Pretend” had a great image, which reminded me of the cover of Cults of Prax and our own R59. This meant I was willing to think of ways around one of the possible problems with the scene (if heroquests are so hard to start that you often cannot when you have the backing of the clan, how could some kids start one by accident?).

I am a sucker for politics, perhaps because I enjoyed writing my political scene so much. I like emphasizing that the playing pieces have minds of their own. So “While You Were Away” appealed to me.

For some reason, “Tag-Along” wasn’t in my original list of candidates, but our tester Liana Kerr had it in hers. And taking another look, I had to agree. (This is just an example of how hard it was picking.)

Have some porridge — in your face!
I’m a sucker for the Icelandic sagas, and “The Porridge Fiend” seemed to come right out of one (though the author suggested he had a more indirect inspiration). And we already had a porridge illustration inspired by the sagas.

Liana and I liked some other ideas, but she pointed out that in one, the action took place off-screen. So maybe we’ll still work it up, but it wasn’t quite worthy of being a contest winner. And others were fun but seemed exceptionally difficult to work into the Gloranthan mythology.

Special mention to one funny scene that riffed off a throw-away line of advice I wrote for one of Elise Bowditch’s scenes. I’d prefer that the contest winning scene stand alone, so it’s more likely to occur.

Voting ends soon, so please cast yours!


  1. Those look great! A little sad my idea of having the Trickster risk getting illuminated didn't fly. It was a bit complex.


  2. Has the voting ended? Choosing a winner is kind of hard, huh? That's the thing about art contests; it can be pretty subjective when you don't have set parameters and solid ground rules in judging. Good thing you came up with a voting scheme to help you come up with a winner. Its result should tell the general response of the viewer about a particular piece. Lucius @ Skild.com

  3. Yes, the voting is over. Been too busy trying to look into some iOS 7 issues with VoiceOver to publicize the results (though they’re available on the Pocket Tactics site).