23 December 2010

Status Update

Back in August, a lot of the scene interaction wasn’t implemented.

As you can see, it now is! While it’s not exhaustively tested, all of the scenes should work.

In other words, all the sliders, text input, people picking, etc. is part of the user interface. And winning and losing are hooked up.

The major remaining areas in porting are some special cases in dialogs. For example, you can’t pick a specific divination from the Sacrifice dialog.

There are still references to livestock such as sheep and pigs, that will no longer be something players have to worry about. (No more running out of sheep and being unable to trade for them!)

There’s also some new features still to do: Game Center achievements, some sort of Twitter and Facebook hookup, and an in-game manual.

And I have one new scene completed, and plan on a few more.

Then of course, testing.

I don’t have a release date, but the game is getting closer.


  1. Do you have any idea yet as to what you will use as the achievements in the game centre. (Will the game centre be an easy integration?)

  2. I should probably do a Game Center post at some point. I haven’t done all the research, but I think it will be moderately easy to add achievements such as Peace Clan Victory or Queen of Dragon Pass.

  3. Will you be needing beta-testers?

  4. Yes, we’ll eventually need beta testers. iOS puts some constraints on this, so we haven’t figured out exactly how to manage the process yet.