08 May 2011


The game manual is basically the last development task before the game is truly feature complete. And I’ve finally begun converting it from the original PageMaker files to HTML with CSS.

The original was 60 pages, which is a lot to read on an iPhone. We’ll either make the same HTML available on our site, or more likely convert the multiple pages to a single PDF. (I’m not sure of the best tool to do that with.)

As usual with early screen shots, I need to caution that things may still change.

Once the manual is complete, we’ll send the game out to a new crop of testers. (We got about three times what we needed for the first round, so we have a pretty good-sized pool of potential testers now.)


  1. Im very excited about this game when do you think it will be released?

  2. Still not done with the manual, so I can't even think about a date.

  3. Very excited to hear about this, good luck with it all.

  4. I'm actually looking at iphones/ipads to buy because I really want to play.