04 July 2011

KoDP Update

For various reasons (including illness), it’s been some time since the last post. Sorry about that.

King of Dragon Pass is now a lot closer to being complete. In fact, yesterday I went through the manual again, and was able to remove the “first draft” warning. (The manual wasn’t really a true first draft, since it was adapted from the original game’s manual. But some elements of the game have changed, and some are new. So the manual needed to be treated as a new project.)

One way I can tell it’s closer: it’s possible to win the long game. (Doing so revealed some bugs, which are now fixed.) I’m in the process of trying to win a second time, though my clan leaders don’t seem to have great heroquesting skills this time around…

Anyway, other than “Test,” the to-do list is basically empty. Which is a good thing, since a number of recent bugs were introduced while making other changes.

Testing is going to determine the release date (just as it did in 1999 — we slipped our original date slightly so that QA would have more confidence in the build). This time around, it’s mostly our volunteer testers, who have been finding a number of issues.

So while I don’t have a date, code-wise (if not bug-wise) the game is ready to go. So let me go back to trying to find bugs, and I’ll be able to give more details…

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  1. so excited! I just bought an iphone 4 specifically because I want to play this. My phone hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, I'll be more than happy to help test.