27 June 2013

More Player Data: Achievements

Most of the player data we reported on a few days ago seems to be holding steady. (Median session length is up, now 4.9 minutes, but that’s not hugely different.) So let’s look at some other data.

Achievements aren’t a big part of the game, but hopefully they can make it more interesting for some players. (As a reminder, you need to be signed into Game Center to earn them. If you haven’t done so from inside King of Dragon Pass, use the Game Center app.)

We keep track of which ones people have earned. The pie chart shows the most popular ones.
I won’t include the complete list here, since some of them give away story elements. However, people seem to be favoring tribal kings (59) over queens (22). And it might behoove you to be kind to your web-footed friends, since the Beastfolk seem to be the most dangerous of the inhumans of Dragon Pass.

Sadly, few people are tweeting from the game (with our marketing budget of $0, we rely on our players to help spread the word), or have discovered the Easter Egg.


  1. Congratulations and thanks for the recent update David, I'll update my review for the game on the app store. Also have a few more questions if you have the time to respond

    1 - When forming tribes, do all the different obligations you negotiate actually happen? (e.g cow clan gives each clan 8 cows annually, war boulder clan makes the tribe stronger in battles, scroll clan fills in portions of the map). I am fairly sure these were all actually implemented in the original, but I haven't tested the iOS version enough to know.

    2 - I saw that you were tracking games won and lost to monitor difficulty, if you decide to make any changes to the difficulty settings please do not make the hard setting any easier. It's nice for veterans of the game to have a setting that provides a challenging game


    1. Yes, all the obligations happen. This is unchanged from the original version (although I think one of them had a minor bug). As is the basic principle: your decisions matter.

      While it’s nice to have hard data, I wasn’t actually thinking about doing any significant tuning at this point.

  2. How do you undo a decision? The touch interface is susceptible to misclicking and now I don't have the motivation to continue playing. I just went to war with one of my closest allies... I was trying to tell a person from my clan to forget about the dispute she had with a carl in my ally clan but now we're fighting them instead.

    I remember reading somewhere in the manual about being able to go back a year or something like that but now I can't find where I saw that.

    1. Maybe she didn’t listen?

      The end of each year in the Saga lets you restore to that point.

    2. Oh, and http://a-sharp.com/kodp/tips.html has the manual in PDF form, which can be easier to search.