12 February 2014

Scene Contest Update

Some time ago, you picked the winner of our scene contest. We added consequences and advice to the entry, and commissioned Jan Pospíšil to paint the illustration. Here is his pencil sketch, and the scene as it will appear in the game.

We are still testing other new scenes — we’d like version 2.3 to be a significant update. This means it’s not ready yet. But all the scenes are written, so we hope to say more fairly soon.


  1. Is KODP for android dead for ever? It's potential as a market has grown exponentially in these last few years, and its only going to increase its pace.

  2. I bought a (slightly used) ipod touch just in order to be able to play the newest version of this game. I don't think it was a bad investment. I really enjoy playing it.

  3. How was the issue of kids being able to start a heroquest resolved? You were right when you brought up the point that if the entire clan sometimes fails to initiate one, how can two children accomplish such a feat? I'm not trying to knock the scene contest or the winner, but this game is very much about adhering to and working within a well laid out and defined world/mythos/setting, I'm just hoping the source material isn't being eroded for the sake of creating a fun new scene.

    1. There’s a reason I chose to show that particular advice…