04 May 2016

Sales Outlets

Not long ago, someone asked (on Facebook) how sales of the game on the Android platform compared to iOS. I recently got some quarterly updates, so figured it was a good time to share.

The majority of copies sold are on mobile, and the bulk of those for iOS.

The second largest outlet has been GOG.com, which sells the original version.

Comparing any of these is difficult, since the game has been on iOS longer than it has been available for Android, and Steam is even more recent. GOG sometimes runs sales of bundles, so not all of those copies might have ever been launched.

Plus, some of the numbers aren’t exact, due to how we get reports. (For example, I have  no idea how many units were sold on Windows Phone, but I know it has to be insignificant.) Even the number of boxed CDs is an estimate.

But to answer the question: iOS is indeed selling better than Android (by about 2:1 over the last month).


  1. Lets see... So far I've bought the original CD release (back in the day), the GOG & the Android versions, just to support one of the best games of all time!

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  3. Will Six Ages will available only for IOS or are there plans for android or PC?

    1. Not making promises for ANY platform yet.