13 December 2011

People Like It

One thing that pleases me is that almost everyone who plays King of Dragon Pass likes it. If I recall correctly, only two people took us up on our money-back guarantee for the boxed copy. (One said he was a Christian and objected to the magic, which seemed odd given how we made an effort to promote the magical land of Glorantha.)

The relative percent is about the same for the iOS version. There have been a total of 6. Refunds are handled through Apple, but I know one person simply couldn’t get the game to work on their iPod touch.

One thing I was curious about was whether our sale lured people in who didn’t like the game. This chart shows that there’s no particular correlation.

The chart also includes the number of gift purchases and redemptions. The numbers aren’t the same — either people are waiting to send out the gift, or people forget to enter it into iTunes or the App Store.

(“Gift This App” appears in a popup menu in the App Store, if you know someone who has an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and needs a Christmas present.)

Ratings are also quite favorable. The current version has been rated 93 times, of which 85 are 5 stars. (5 are 4-star and 3 are 1-star.) And the reviews have been really good as well — 93 out of 100 on Metacritic.


  1. A lot of people have been commenting on how well KODP is done.

    Just from a marketing perspective, gift cards etc. are great for certain kinds of online retailers because if someone forgets to actually order the item you still get the sale, but not the item. The retailer then gets to resell the same item.

    For games like this, though, it's actually a bad thing because game devs rely on people buying the game, liking it, and becoming a fan.

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  3. Any chance of this game being released on OS X?

  4. None. We already did a desktop version. Any new platform would mean doing almost as much work as the iOS version took.

    And yes, Mac and Windows would be a new platform in terms of development. We cannot make a new build using mTropolis (we tried).

  5. I just want to say that I don't buy a whole lot of games but someone recommended this to me and it looked interesting and I had ten dollars so I got the iPhone version, and now I think it's pretty much a masterpiece. I in turn have gotten a few people really excited about it and if an OS X version was released I would be thrilled. If you were to do so, do you think it would involve adding a lot of content in terms of story and mechanics, or would it be essentially a port?

  6. Mac OS X would be a complete port, like any platform. And if we’re spending that much effort, we’d rather it go to something entirely new.