30 January 2011

Status Update

It’s been a little over a month since the last status update, so it’s probably time for a new one.

Sadly, in some ways the to-do list is similar: livestock, achievements, social media, manual.

However, there has been progress! We’ve completed the UI work. All screens and dialogs work (including every myth in the Lore screen).

And all of the Game Center achievements have artwork and are entered via iTunesConnect. Now it’s just a matter of implementing them all. There are 45 achievements defined, 19 of which have code behind them. But achievements show up when you earn them, and you can see them from within the game (or of course in the Game Center app).

Also, lots of bugs have been fixed.

I expect to be wrapping up most of the achievements soon. Then I want to start the tutorial, and clean up scenes that refer to small livestock (sheep and pigs).


  1. Does anyone use the game centre?

  2. I hope so! It's a way to share that you're playing the game.

    Even if not, I think achievements are something people expect in 2011, and Game Center provides the bulk of the implementation.