12 February 2011

New UI, part 3: Events

The interactive scenes have an improved user interface as well. As usual, it has to deal with the challenge of showing a lot of information, but with a smaller screen than the original. So if you want to see if you can afford to buy a treasure, hide the text (in the iOS version, this is always by tapping on the illustration). This will reveal the six statistics that were always shown in the desktop version.

Or, tap the Info button. This shows an information panel, where you can look up a clan or tribe (using the same filters as in the Relations screen). It also reminds you of the calendar, so you can think twice about raiding during the harvest.

New in the iOS version is access to the saga from an event.

Of course, your advisors are available as always.


  1. It also reminds you of the calendar, so you can think twice about raiding during the harvest.

    This reminds me. In the original KoDP, there were some events which had a "raid the clan in retaliation" kind of option. When these came up during harvest I was annoyed, since raiding meant a much worse harvest, and not raiding meant our people getting upset. I always found it to break immersion that apparently our people were clueless about the fact that it was harvest time and that raiding would have been a really bad idea.

    In the new version, is there any chance that these events could have a "raid as soon as harvest season is over" option?

  2. Will it be possible to remove all text boxes to only the artwork, as in the PC/Mac-version?

  3. Kaj, interactive scenes are self-contained, so it would be a major effort to split them into a sub-scene that could be run later (plus this would need to be exhaustively tested). However, it should be the case that an advisor will remind you about the season. In fact, we did a sweep in June 1999, which resulted in code like

    [IsSeaSeason] response: Raid the clan in retaliation for their insult, even though it is Sea season.

    and advice like

    [plants >=2 AND IsSeaSeason] This is juicy gossip, but we need to plant our fields more than anything else right now.
    [plants >=2 AND IsEarthSeason] This is juicy gossip, but we need to harvest our crops more than anything else right now.

    If we missed one, let us know! (bugz AT a-sharp.com)

    chrillle, yes, we want to showcase the art. Instead of the space bar, you’ll tap the picture. This is mentioned above, and at three points in the tutorial (since there are three different parts of the game where this is relevant).

  4. David, it's been a while since I played, but I do think that I was always appropriately warned. My issue was not with the lack of warning, but the fact that it being harvest season made my people no less annoyed about me not raiding.

    Maybe they are just Orlanthi enough that potentially starving doesn't matter for as long as justice is done? But if that's the intention, it'd be nice to indicate this (e.g. "the people grumbled, saying that eating less later on was a small price to pay when there was justice to be had" when you choose not to raid) so that it doesn't just seem like an immersion-breaking designer oversight. Or alternatively reduce the happiness hit (and show this in text) if you decide not to raid during planting/harvest season.

  5. Oops, yesterday I found a case where you couldn’t hide text (and fixed it), and began writing a new scene with a raid option, but didn’t take the season into account.

    You could consider the clan members to be like American voters: cut my taxes, but raise spending on programs that help me, while balancing the budget.