02 September 2011

Prepping For Release

King of Dragon Pass has been approved for sale in the App Store (a little sooner than I expected), and I’m busy getting ready for its release next week.

One aspect of this is preparing screen shots, both to supply to the media, and to show off the game on our web site.

I thought it would be interesting to recreate the same screens I’d used before. (I did switch from a sword clan to a spear clan.) It’s interesting to compare what we could do in 1999 to what a pocket device can do today (we couldn’t do transparency or anti-aliased text 12 years ago).


  1. Congratulations!
    Feels like only yesterday that you were tentatively checking for interest.

  2. That's brilliant. Will it be iPhone 3 compatible? Stop laughing!

  3. Not sure what you mean by “iPhone 3,” but a 3G runs iOS 4.1, and thus should run KoDP.

  4. Dave,
    That's what I meant. A lot of newer Apps are coming out that only work with the newest OS which my older 3G can't get. I played the original version and am really looking forward to the new.