06 October 2011

Contacting Us

Although we’re totally happy with getting comments on this blog, it sometimes feels odd carrying on a lengthy discussion about, say, game balance under a totally unrelated subject heading.

I realize social media requires an account, but these discussions are probably interesting enough to be conducted on Facebook or Twitter. And those channels just seem better for an unconstrained conversation.

Another important contact is bugz «at» a-sharp.com. This is the email address for our bug tracking system. A number of you have already used this, which is great, because it’s easy for us to get back to you and if necessary, get additional information.

Thankfully, I don’t think anyone has used the worst possible way of getting ahold of us: App Store reviews. Don’t get me wrong, we love reviews! But we have absolutely no way of replying to you. Please write your review, but then contact us through one of the other channels (including this blog).


  1. No developers seem to ever respond to the Facebook page, and i don't use Twitter. With no forums, that leaves posting on this blog as the only means of asking questions!

  2. What have I missed on the Facebook page? (Other than Discussions, which have terrible usability, and which Facebook is phasing out.)

    I should have mentioned the Yahoo group http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/KingOfDragonPass/ as well.

    But comments are welcome here too, even the ones that seem to be barnacles on an unrelated topic.

  3. Oh nice, alright i'll use the Yahoo group, or here for questions.

    I was curious how active the other clans are in game, do they "take turns" and actions each season like the player? Do they have the same statistics, military, economy etc? Do they follow different strategies for survival and success? Just how dynamic are they?

    Another question i had was just a quick one, i was looking over old information on the 1999 version of the game and some content seems to have been cut. I was just curious how much content was not included, i'm curious what there is to be seen in the 1999 version we cannot see on the iPhone (such as the water-lord ancient enemy).

    Thanks again for being so responsive!

  4. I'm pretty certain I answered that already, but ironically it was probably to an irrelevant comment.

    No content has been cut.

  5. I must be missing something then, there seem to be options from the 1999 clan questionaire that have been cut (the option to pick the battle of extinguish field as your clan's first major event, the option to pick Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea as your ancestral enemy, etc etc). What's up with that?

    And any idea where i can find your answer to the clan dynamics question?

  6. Options for heroquest rewards (make our tribe king-makers etc) are missing from information i see about the 1999 version as well, there's a ton really.

  7. We removed some questionnaire choices that made little difference, but that's not removing *content*.

    No, because (like this exchange) it's unrelated to the subject. It may deserve its own post since you're at least the 2nd person to ask.

    None of the heroquest rewards were altered, if you see otherwise please send details to our bugz@ address because that would be a bug.

    There were design changes, but content was added, not dropped.

  8. Awesome ty. A post about clan ai and dynamics would be great btw, I'm sure many would like to see it

  9. I can't for the life of me find your post describing other clan ai/autonomy/mechanics. A post with this as the topic really would be great. During my search via google i came across many other posts about the game with the same questions.

  10. Could have sworn it's somewhere. Worth having its own post. In the mean time, the short answer is “mostly.”

  11. Awesome, i'll wait for the post.

    The question kept coming up. Like in my current game, i convinced the beastmen to raid another clan. They did so, apparently it was a fairly devastating raid, but i decided to not claim responsibility or press the advantage against them. But i was wondering if the game actually considered them raided, if they actually sustained the damage, or if the event was self contained and had no lasting effect on them.

  12. I got the game on the anniversary! Pretty awesome!
    Glad you have this post/thread about contacting you, b/c I have 2 questions.
    1 - can I read the manual online rather than on my iPhone? Is there a link?

    2 - if I accidentally hit the wrong option (have done 2x by scrolling), can I go back? Or do I need to roll back that entire year? Additionally, can you change your clan name at any point? Is there a way to change the Ring members / clan leaders names?

    I haven't gone thru a short game yet -- keep having to restart b/c I missed something.

    Thanks! - rekzkarz.com (blog)

  13. That's a lot more than two questions! :)

    You can get a PDF manual via http://a-sharp.com/kodp/tips.html

    No going back, but you can press and roll off to not activate a button.

    You can't change the clan name at will (though opportunities may arise).

    No, clan leaders are given their names by their parents, not you.

    P.S. Someone *did* try contacting us the worst possible way, through an App Store review. There is no way to reply to those! (As it happens, same question as R.E. so the answer is above.)