28 October 2011

Happy Birthday, King of Dragon Pass!

The original version of King of Dragon Pass was released to the world on 29 October 1999. On Saturday, it turns twelve years old! That means it can finally play itself, since the version in the iOS App Store is rated 12+.

To celebrate, we’re putting the game on sale for US$5.99 (it’s normally $9.99). This special price is good for one week only, beginning 29 October 2011.

Version 2.0 was already significantly improved from the desktop version. Now we’re making it bigger than ever: we’re creating a build that will take advantage of the iPad screen. With about 40 screens to adapt, this will take a while, and we don’t have a release date.

I’ll be discussing the iPad build in the future, but I want to remind people that the original artwork was scanned at 640 × 480 pixels, which is much smaller than the 768 × 1024 pixel iPad screen. However, we will use the larger (compared to the 480 × 320 pixel iPhone) artwork, and take advantage of the extra screen real estate to reduce scrolling and make items easier to target.


  1. Sweet! I'm loving the attention that this awesome game is getting; here's hoping that you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

    Are you considering paid expansions?

  2. Not really. As a player, I hate being nickel-and-dimed, and it would also be hard to restart the art pipeline for major new content.

    I do have another piece of artwork to add in an update, however. (BTW, it was never possible with the original game to add assets in an update.)