04 October 2011

The Trouble With Branching

I’ve written a guest post for Betterblog, the blog similar to this one run by Failbetter Games. I’ve been greatly enjoying their Echo Bazaar browser game, which is a narrative game inspired in part by King of Dragon Pass (though it goes in a very different direction). My article discusses the approaches both games have taken to putting actual narrative into games.

One note about Echo Bazaar: don’t be put off by the Facebook or Twitter login. It absolutely does not spam your social network.

Update: it looks like the original link may not work any more. The post is now here.


  1. David (or whoever runs this blog), could you please elaborate on the fortifications? What does each one do exactly? The more information the better if possible, would very much appreciate it

  2. Also wanted to say what a great game KoDP is, i left a 5 star rating on the app store.

    In addition to my first question, will you be updating the game with new content from time to time?

  3. Fortifications are pretty well documented in the manual (War Screen).

    Yes, the 2.0.2 update will have a new scene. I don’t expect a *lot* of new content, but I hope to do more.